Matthew Silvas II (or as his family refers to him, “Baby Matt”) is turning 12 this year and is about to begin school as a sixth grader at First Baptist Church School. Baby Matt is the only child of Matthew and Nicole Silvas. He enjoys spending time at his grandparents’ houses especially working on the yard with his Grandpa Silvas and playing with the animals at his Grandpa Carbajal’s house.

Matthew  was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) 7 years ago. Today, he struggles as the disease is working its way through his muscle tissue. Our hope is that a cure for this disease is on the horizon. When Baby Matt was diagnosed with Duchenne’s, the family was told that age 9 he would likely be in braces and at age 12 he would be wheelchair bound. We are proud to say that neither of those predictions came true. Matthew was born a month and a day after we lost his aunt, Tasia, who passed away from a very rare form of cancer. Our family believes that Tasia saved her miracle for Matthew.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) leads the search for treatments and therapy for DMD, and has reported promising results in clinical studies and research. We hope to raise money that will push the studies into finally reaching their goals in curing DMD.

Baby Matt still loves to make up his own jokes. Although his younger cousin, Macyn, is his polar opposite, he is very protective of her. Baby Matt will not apologize for telling the truth. He loves animals, and has a tiny turtle named Mr. Snappy, two dogs: Duncan and Parker, and a cat named Cersi. He is incredibly bright, very curious, and extremely blunt. His laugh is exceptionally contagious and he is the best cuddler… when he wants to be.

Matthew has an enormous amount of love and support from family, friends and friends of friends and we know you’re one of them. With your help we are sure to be a success!



Collecting Hot Wheels and fishing.